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Streamline your web app logic
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Logic.dev: Where your vision for app logic becomes code, powered by AI

Introducing Logic.dev
This is where your app's logic is crafted efficiently, accurately, and exactly as you envisioned.

Redefine logic implementation

A pioneering platform designed to redefine the logic
implementation of web apps. By focusing solely on the
logic and control flow, we provide a unique solution
that complements your existing UI development tools.

Coupled with AI technology

Our flow-based approach, coupled with cutting-edge
AI technology, ensures that the generated code aligns
precisely with your specifications, not just the AI's best

Flow-Based Logic Design
Visualize and construct your app's logic through our intuitive flow-based interface. Perfect for the logical backbone of your application, our tool simplifies complex logic into manageable, visual steps.
Focus on Logic Development
We specialize in the logic part of web app development. For UI and frontend design, continue using your preferred tools; Logic.dev seamlessly integrates to handle all your logic needs.
AI-Assisted Code Generation
Utilize AI to turn your designed flows into precise, tailor-made code. Logic.dev ensures the generated JavaScript/TypeScript respects your exact logic requirements, giving you both control and accuracy.
Customizable and Editable Code Output
The code we generate is not only precise but fully customizable. Integrate it into your codebase, make any necessary adjustments, and accelerate your development process like never before.
Bring your web app's logic fromconcept to code in 3 straightforward steps
1. Design Your Logic Flow:

Utilize our drag-and-drop interface to outline the logic behind your app’s features., and proceed faster towards completion. It’s development, but smarter and faster.

2. Generate with AI

With a click, our Al interprets your design, crafting code that mirrors your specified logic flow, not just a generic solution. has context menu

3. Integrate and Finalize:

Copy-paste the AI-generated code into your project, make any tweaks you see fit.

Will the code always do exactly what I want right away?

Can I use Logic.dev for really complicated stuff?

Is this tool easy to use if I'm not a logic pro?
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